Best Call Recorders for Android Phones 2022 

Call recorders have been very useful in various ways, especially when you want to record important voice calls for security reasons. Also, they can be useful while you’re on a call with clients or conducting an interview. Aside from those I’ve said, there’re many more reasons why people use call recorders which could be to keep and cherish them as memory.

Meanwhile, the issues surrounding the authentication of call recorders have been complicated for long. This makes call recorders quite difficult to use due to certain factors. Google on its own is yet to make a solemn decision on its support for call recorders. Also, even where you live can determine your access to call recorders because it’s illegal in some states in the USA.

Initially, Google disabled call recording on Android 9 and 10, though you can possibly do so when you grant an app some number of sensitive permissions. Later, the functionality returned starting from the Android 11 edition and has been on to date. But still, regional restriction is a barrier for most users, especially those in the US.

Today, many companies have their own native call recorder built-in to their dialer app, but many do prefer third-party recorder apps. We’ve made a series of research to fish out the best call recorders for Android phones for you to check out. These apps are not the only best call recorders available, as there’re many of them in the Google Play Store, but we’ve gathered the ones with the must-have features of every great call recorder.

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Google Voice

Best Call Recorders for Android Phones
Google Voice

It’s quite funny that many Android users have Google Voice installed on their devices but didn’t know how to use it or what they’re meant for. Google Voice is used for placing and receiving calls through the internet, and can also offer you visual voicemail solutions as well. All can be done once your recording option is enabled through the settings.

Just click on the “menu” button and go to the “settings”, then turn on the “incoming call option” under “calls”. But you have to note that only incoming calls can be recorded with Google Voice. The app feels very convenient to use as you would expect from any Google product.

Google Voice saves recorded voice calls in its servers so you can easily access them at any given time. You can also search or scroll through your recordings like text messages. Unfortunately, the app is region-locked so you might not be able to access it due to your region, but you can always find another option.

Best Call Recorders for Android Phones
Cube ACR

Best Call Recorders for Android Phones: Cube ACR

Cube has designed its interface to be very easy to navigate, so you won’t struggle to find your way to the settings. Cube starts the call recording once the call begins, and it records the conversation of both parties and stores them where you can easily access and listen to them at any time.

On its settings, you can make a list of the contacts you want to be recorded once you’re on a call with them, in case you don’t want cube ACR to record your conversation with every contact. Once you’ve selected the contacts, the recording starts immediately after they pick up your call and ends once the call is stopped.

Interestingly, Cube ACR supports apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more. The app is free to download, but you can also get the pro version for $9.99/year with additional features like cloud backup and password protection.

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Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Just like Cube ACR, Automatic Call Recorder is completely free and doesn’t require any in-app purchase. The developers have designed the interface with simplicity in mind, so everyone can easily get used to the app without facing any issues. Automatic Call Recorder is mainly designed as a call recorder, but it can also double as a voice recorder.

Therefore, you’ll have to choose between the various recording formats dedicated to the app. Despite being free to use, Automatic Call Recorder has extra features like cloud support, and the ability to set up passwords for your recordings which this app also allows you to save directly to an SD card.

You can also create a list of contacts you want the app to record while on a call with. On the other hand, you can create a blacklist of contacts you want to be ignored by the app which means that they won’t be recorded as you’re on a call with them.

Best Call Recorders for Android Phones: Notta

Notta is a very advanced call recorder for Android phones because it does more than just record phone calls. The app doubles as a voice-to-text app that can record the conversation from both ends. Using Notta, you can put your phone on speakerphone to record and transcribe calls in real time.

Notta is more like a Bot for meetings because it delivers high-quality transcription for your meeting, event recording, or conference call. To do that, this app integrates with Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to record your meeting and transcribe it to real time.

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Best Call Recorders for Android Phones: Blackbox

With high-quality audio, Blackbox records both ends of incoming and outgoing calls. The interface is also as smooth as other best call recorders on our list. You can set up passwords to lock your recordings so that others won’t have access to your data.

Blackbox can automatically back up and synchronize your recording history with a drive. So even if you get a new phone or reinstall the app, you can log in to your account and recover your recording history. Blackbox is one of the best call recorders for Android because it’s dedicated to recording your calls without bothering you with storage space.

Best Call Recorders for Android Phones
Phone by Google

Phone by Google

Google’s native dialer app has a dedicated call recording feature which the company enabled on some select devices. You can manually select the individual contact calls you want to record or set it to record all contacts by default which includes both unknown numbers.

You can find your recordings in the history tab and play them within the app, or play them from Google drive if you sync your recordings there. You can long-press on any of the recordings to delete them, but Google allows you to decide how long you want your recordings to be saved. This means that they’ll be deleted automatically once the specified period ends.

You can decide to save your recording files on an SD card to free up your phone’s storage. These audio files can also be shared via Gmail, messaging app, or any other supported app. Like we said at the start, many companies have their own native dialer app which supports call recording, but Google’s Phone app is much more advanced which made us include it in the list of our best call recorders for Android.

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