Best Free Audiobook apps for Android and iPhone 2023

Free Audiobook apps present a library of books containing stories of different genres which you can listen to as audio on your Android and iPhone devices. These apps are available to download through Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for OIS. However, once you start searching for audiobook apps, you’ll easily find a lot of apps that’ll prompt you to enter your payment details before having access to audiobooks.

This seems to be a barrier to those who aren’t concerned about spending money just to get audiobooks. Therefore, many people are seeking free audiobook apps where they can download audiobooks without paying a dime.

Listening to audiobooks can be the best way of keeping yourself busy or getting you entertained while you’re working with your computer, travelling, or running an errand. Whether you’re listening or reading, audiobooks will always entice your day with interesting stories, but many prefer listening to them through audiobook apps.

Free audiobook apps are free to download audiobooks and listen to anytime. They’re also legal probably because they have permission from the author, so there’s no risk of getting your audiobooks for free. In this article, we’ll take you on the list of the best free audio apps. These apps have been tested by us and have proven to offer free audio apps without requesting any fees.

Fortunately, these audiobook apps can be downloaded for free on your Android, iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices. To make things easier for you, we included the link of each app to enable you sign up without any hassle.

Best Free Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone: HooplaDigital


Hoopla has been among the leading providers of entertainment across North America. What makes Hoopla so good is that it offers not just audiobooks but movies, TV Shows, comics, ebooks, and more with over 8000 libraries. You can go to the site to download the app from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Hoopla is similar to public libraries which means that you can borrow audiobooks for free by downloading and listening to them offline. But before that, you have to get a library card, meaning that you’ll have to sign up from the site, then download the app and log in to be able to rent audiobooks.

The only issue we have with Hoopla is the lack of an option to skip specific chapters. Instead, you’ll have to continue from where you stopped in your last listening session. Asides from that, the app is good to use, and the quality of the audiobooks are nice.

Free Audiobook apps
Libby app



is a new audiobook app launched by Overdrive and has emerged as one of the best free audiobook apps. Libby offers exciting audiobooks that interest kids due to the presence of pictures and follow-along audio. With your library card that indicates your local library membership, you can freely download audiobooks from Libby for free.

Using your library card number or school/work email address, you can log in and select any title that interests you. Click on it to see additional information about the title, including whether it’s available for download. Alternatively, you can also download audiobooks through the app’s website known as Overdrive.


Best Free Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone: LibriVox


is an open-source platform that allows volunteers from all over the world to read and record a public-domain text in the form of audiobooks. You can access the website to search for audiobooks or download the app through Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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All the audiobooks, stories, and poems in LibriVox are public domain, so you either search by title, author, or reader. When you visit the site or open the app, you can indicate whether you want to listen or read. Then you can be able to browse the catalogue by title, author, genre, or language.

When you’ve found the audiobook you wish to listen to, click on download for the MP3 file to be downloaded and saved on your device. Unlike other free audiobook apps, you can easily search and download audiobooks on LibriVox without even creating an account.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Internet Archive

offers a variety of audiobooks that are available for download by browsing the title, keyword, or author. The best way to get your free audiobooks in this app is to sort by view count where you’ll find the most popular audiobooks that are constantly downloaded by users.

Audiobooks are available for download in multiple file formats like MP3, OGG, and more. Internet Archive is also divided into a series of audiobook pages like MindWebs Page where you can download tons of classic sci-fi audiobooks.

Free Audiobook apps
Loyal Books

Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone: Loyal Books

Loyal books

were previously called Books Should be Free before being renamed. This app offers multiple means of finding audiobooks from the Loyal books top 100 to languages, and genres like fantasy, fiction, children, mystery, and more. You can get audiobooks through the site or app, but the app is more convenient to use than the site that feels a little bit dated.

Most of the free audiobooks in Loyal books are derived from LibriVox, but you can still stick with the app if you find the app’s interface user-friendly. Also, the app is free to use, but you can pay $2.99 if you want to get rid of advertisements that’ll always pop up. Loyal Books is proven to be one of the best free audiobook apps because it’s incredibly easy to use.

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Audiobook apps for Android and iPhone
Audiobook HQ

Audiobook HQ

You can access over 11,000 audiobook titles from Audiobook HQ for free, but that’s not the most interesting part of this app. Audiobook HQ features up to 75,000 old radio recordings from the 1930s. So this is a great app for any history lover who wants to revisit the past through modern audio recordings.

One of the things you need to know about Audiobook HQ is that it incorporates the LibriVox library, meaning that some of the audiobooks found in the app are pulled from LibriVox. You can prefer to use Audiobook HQ instead because of its user-friendly interface and some extra audiobooks that you can’t find in LibriVox.

Free Audiobook apps

Best Free Audiobook Apps for Android and iPhone: Audible

When talking about audiobook apps, especially the best for getting interesting audiobooks, Audible is definitely the first that comes to mind. The app is available for Android, IOS, and Windows users to search for their favorite audiobooks and download them.

Audible offers a wide range of audiobooks for download, including the newest releases and best sellers. Meanwhile, the app is meant to be purchased for $14/month, but you can gather as many audiobooks for free during the 30-day free trial before you can opt for a monthly subscription.


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