PalmPay App Review and Earning Opportunities: Legit or Scam?

In the Nigerian financial industry, a lot of scam sites have taken over the market thereby making it hard to find a genuine place to keep your money. However, we’ve good news for you. PalmPay, a Nigeria owned online bank is the most trusted place to keep your money. Since its launch in 2019 by Greg Reeves, PalmPay has secured over two million users and they’ve all testified the goodness of this app.

However, apart from being the best Nigeria online bank to save your money, what amazes is a lot of bonuses its users are entitled to which we’ll explain further in this article. Techcity PalmPay review will enlighten you in everything about the app and whether it’s legit or a scam.

Features of PalmPay

Before we dive further into the PalmPay review, it’s important to know its features.

Fast and Reliable: Unlike most online banks, PalmPay is very fast and reliable as long as you have a stable network in your location. Performing transactions with PalmPay is swift, fast, and you’re getting instant feedback on your transaction. One feature that differentiates it from other apps is that they do frequent updates which improve the app’s service.

Very Secured and Regulated: By using PalmPay, you’re guaranteed no third-party interference as your transactions are highly encrypted. So all the fears in your mind have been taken care of and there’s no need to panic.

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Earn as you Spend: Like we earlier mentioned, users are entitled to certain benefits as they make use of the app. Amazing right, unlike your bank, PalmPay awards rewards for every transaction carried out by its user. Many of them include Gem, PalmPoints, Coupons, and Bonuses. However, you should know that the rewarding process is just a way of appreciating their users for making use of the app and it’s not deducted from your account.

Good Customer Service Support: Another feature of PalmPay that’s highly commendable is its fast customer service. We’re amazed at how kindly and fast the customer service is which further attracted our interest to the online bank.

PalmPay Rewards and Benefits

Before we continue with the review, let’s take a look at the rewards and benefits this exciting app has to offer. Meanwhile, the coupon benefits vary as there are many of them including bet9ja coupon, TV subscription coupon, airtime coupon, etc.


Gems are gotten for free each day you visits the app or by adding a contact. Daily login gives you about 200 gems plus you earn by registering on the app too. Meanwhile, 15,000 gems are equivalent to 100 naira airtime.


Coupons are also rewards given to users as they perform different transactions in the PalmPay app. These coupons differ depending on the user’s activity in the app which may be welcome gifts, check-ins, successful transactions, or in-app games. Meanwhile, the coupons generated can be used as discount offers for purchases made in the app.

Friend Referral

This is the activity that earns you the highest money by using the app. Meanwhile, you should know that friend referral is very easy as everyone will like to take part in the benefits of this app. All you need to do is to send your referral link to your friend when they download, you earn 300 naira while your friend earns 100 naira with PalmPoints.

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PalmPoints are the collections gotten for using the PalmPay app either for airtime purchases or bill payments. However, you should know that these apps can only be redeemed for buying airtime in the app.

Uses of PalmPay

PalmPay is not only an app for sending and receiving money but allows you to buy airtime, pay for electricity, fund your betting accounts, and many more. Meanwhile, PalmPay has its head office in Ikeja with a branch in Ghana.

Deposit: PalmPay app can be used as your second bank for depositing money into the bank account and other functions. You can use the PalmPay app to save money in the app with the assurance of safety and you earn a bonus by doing so.

Money Transfer: With the high rate of digital globalisation, you don’t have to stress yourself by going to the bank to transfer money to your family or friends. Among the many benefits of PalmPay is allowing you to make a transfer without any limit so far you’ve verified your account. Transferring or withdrawing money from PalmPay is the easiest transaction you’ll ever engage in. Meanwhile, unlike your banks, you won’t be charged for transferring money with your PalmPay app.

Airtime Purchase: Your PalmPay app can be used to purchase airtime either for personal use or buying for someone. This is where you need the coupon as they can be used to decrease the price of the airtime. Meanwhile, you’re paying 90% of the airtime amount.

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How to Register on PalmPay

To register on the PalmPay app is very easy and can be done within five minutes. You can sign-up by following the procedure below.

Step 1: Download the app by clicking HERE and it’ll redirect you to Google PlayStore or iOS app store (Remember to click on the HERE link in order to gain the reward).

Step 2: Launch the app.

Step3: Click on the login/sign-up space in the upper corner.

Step4: Enter your phone number and other credentials including this referral code 9B0VTK.

Step5: An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number you use to register as a message, then input it to verify.

Step6: Set a 4-digit transaction pin, then you’re good to enjoy the goodness of this app.


Is PalmPay Scam or Legit?

The PalmPay app was created by an American bass guitarist GREGORY REEVES to provide solutions to Nigeria and Africa transaction problems. The PalmPay app is legally registered by the federal government of Nigeria and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a legal money tender. Meanwhile, it’s also registered by Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) to assure the safety of your funds.

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  1. Sorry to say this palmpay has some lapse by allowing some individual to use their app to scam people through palmpay global investment platform which am a victim and find it difficult to recover my money from them.

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