How to Clean Camera Lens

Dust is inevitable and one of the things you have to make peace with is the fact they’re covering most of your camera lens. However, apart from dust, many substances like oils, food particles, or whatever you lay your hands on might end up getting into your camera lens. Meanwhile, some dust that found its way to the front of your lens is harmless and won’t have any effect on your photos. Unfortunately, dust on the back of the lens is quite harmful and might make your photos not stand out clean.

In the event you notice a stain or dust on your lens that you want to clean, here are some essential tips on how to clean your camera lens. These are the best and safest ways to get your lenses clean and minimise the risk of making them worse.

Tools you can use to Clean Camera Lens

  • Lens Blower
  • Lens Brush
  • Cleaning Tissue, Cloth, or Wipe
  • Cleaning Fluid

Camera Lens

Lens Blower

A lens blower is always the foremost option for cleaning dust from a camera lens. Once you notice dust on your camera lens, a single puff of the blower might be the only solution that you need to get rid of it.

Most photographers make use of breadth in taking off the dust from a camera lens but this method can introduce saliva onto the lens. To be on the safer side, you should add a lens blower into your camera arsenal no matter how careful you are.

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Camera Lens
Lens Brush

Lens Brush

When it comes to dust removal by air, a lens blower is mostly needed, but if it couldn’t do the job, a brush should get it done for you. Meanwhile, lens brushes are made of various materials but camel hair is the most preferable as it helps to prevent damages.

However, while you should be extremely careful while using lens brushes as they can easily pick up any of your camera lens substances. Also, be cautious not to touch the brush with your fingers to prevent oil spillage

Camera Lens
Cleaning Tissue

Cleaning Tissue, Cloth, or Wipe

Lens tissue are quite affordable and should be disposed of after using them once. This ensures you start each time with dust and contaminant-free tissue. Also, avoid using ordinary tissues to clean your camera lens since they can cause scratches. Microfiber cleaning cloths are popular and good to use and clean off smudges. However, microfiber cleaning cloths are more expensive than tissue and are meant to be used for a longer period. There are precautions you have to apply to ensure they’re clean and safe to use again.

Make sure you keep the cloth safe after using it to avoid contamination. Meanwhile, if you have to wash it, avoid using liquid fabric softeners as they might contain chemicals that are not good for the lens.

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning Fluid

One of the most potent cleaning options is a spray bottle of cleaning fluid. These are alcoholic based cleaners that can easily clean your camera lens with one attempt. Cleaning fluids are mostly used alongside microfiber cloths or cleaning tissues.

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Meanwhile, ensure to only use cleaning fluid made with denatured alcohol and don’t spray directly on the cleaning surface. This will help keep your lens safe from damage save you money in the long run.

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It’s no longer news that our lenses will get dirty and require to be cleaned. Ideally, we tend to do things that’ll prolong the lifespan of our camera lens by storing them properly, cleaning with the right equipment, and avoiding touching the optics with bare hands.

Lenses are unarguably dust magnets and are sensitive to scratches. This is why you should avoid making use of ordinary tissues, clothes, or wipers in cleaning your camera lens. Hopefully, our top guide on how to clean a camera lens will help you in getting things done properly.

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