Android 12 Update: Which Tecno Phones will be Eligible

Tecno Phones that are Eligible for the Android 12 Update

The Android 12 was officially released on October 4th 2021 and it was instantly available on many Google Pixel and Samsung devices. The new operating system succeeded Android 11 and presents a redesigned UI, system-wide design, and revamped notification system.

As the long-awaited Google Android 12 update is finally here and most OEMs including Tecno has already started rolling out the new update alongside their respective skins to both their midrange and flagship smartphones. However, the popular question among many users will be whether their Tecno smartphones will be eligible for the Android 12 update and if so, when?

These are common questions every phone lover that loves to stay updated will ask especially Tecno owners as we all know how the story goes. Tecno Mobile is known of been reluctant in rolling out new updates as they prefer launching new phones with that latest operating system, thereby forcing the users to buy the new ones if they want to stay updated.

In this article, we’ll be taking a sneak peek at the new features available in Android 12 alongside Tecno phones that’ll likely be getting the latest operating system update.


Android 12: Features of the new Operating System

Tecno on Android 12

Android 12 just like we all anticipated comes with interesting features and upgrades unlike last year’s Android 11. Some of these features are:

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New Interface

When it comes to design, Android 12 introduces a new design style that brings extra customisable options. Fortunately, you can match it together with the colour of your theme and wallpaper and other components of the phone. Also, the widgets have been redesigned much to our surprise.

Scrolling Screenshot

This is a feature we first saw on Android 10 but felt it’s worth bringing it here again. Scrolling screenshots does not only allow you to capture what’s on the screen presently but also beneath it such as capturing the entire webpage or document.


Overview Suggestions

Fortunately, the recent apps section has received some love from Google. This year Android 12, Google has added new overview suggestions which will show you things to do according to your recent activity.

Revamped Game Mode

With the latest Google Android 12 update, the gaming performance of your Tecno phone will be improved. Also, you can decide to turn off notifications while playing games in case you won’t like to be disturbed.

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One-handed Mode

Android 12 brings in a native one-handed mode. You can locate it in the Settings by going to System, and then Gestures. The one-handed mode will break everything into half, more like multi-window mode. This will make it easier to operate the phone especially tall ones.

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Android 12 Update
Android 12 Eligible Tecno Devices

Android 12 Update: Will My Tecno Phone be Eligible?

Fortunately, a lot of Tecno flagship phones will be getting the Android 12 update unlike before. The Tecno Phantom X and the Camon 18 Premier have been confirmed of getting the update, while there’s already an Android 12 Beta variant on the Camon 17, which automatically means it’ll eventually receive the stable version.

With these, only a few Tecno phones are likely to get the update and below is a list of those that are guaranteed to get the update.


However, in our unbiased opinion, we felt that some devices deserve to get the Android 12 since they’re not that outdated. Some of them include:

  • Tecno Pouvoir 5
  • Tecno Spark 7 Pro
  • Tecno Spark 7P
  • Tecno Spark 7
  • Tecno Camon 16 Premier
  • Tecno Camon 16 Pro
  • Tecno Camon 16


Meanwhile, this doesn’t mean that the list is over as Tecno will continue to update the list of phones that’ll be getting the update. And as for when the phone will be getting the update, there’s no official announcement from Tecno yet, but bear it in mind they’ll surely roll out the update in the first half of this year.


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  1. Hi!! I have the tecno spark 8t and I am wondering if it will get the update because I saw the 8c and I thought only the 8c will get there update despite the tecno spark 8t having more ram .

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