Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms 2023

The best free sports streaming platforms will keep you updated with every single moment in your favourite sports, whether it’s football, basketball, tennis, rugby, etc without violating copyright law. What makes these platforms so convenient is that you can stream your favourite sports for free, even while you’re stuck in traffic.

It’s quite unfortunate that many still rely on cable and satellite television providers for streaming sports live. While you need to subscribe to these platforms on a monthly or yearly payment basis, sometimes you may not be able to watch your favourite sports team or miss some of the most interesting parts of the match which is a loss in some way.

Meanwhile, there’re numerous platforms where you can stream sports for free, but finding a reliable one is hard. Therefore, we’ve listed some of the best sports free streaming platforms where you can watch your favourite athletes online. These platforms are completely free to use once you have mobile data on your smartphone.

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Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms: Stream2Watch

Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms:

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Stream2Watch enables users to stream live sports from different countries of the world with a few clicks. You’ll see a variety of live matches on the homepage, including sports, stream events, and time. On the same homepage, sports are sorted into categories, but the most popular ones are Baseball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Soccer, and Boxing.

Due to the fact that Stream2Watch allows links from external sources, you’ll come across annoying ads and pop-ups. But you can just get rid of that by using an effective ad blocker. Our list of best ad blocker for Chrome will be of great help to you. This issue is the same as other sports free streaming platforms, but it’s still worth the little inconvenience provided you’ll always get what you want without paying any fees or creating an account.

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Stream2Watch is our No 1 best sports free streaming platform because it is the first choice for most users. But you have to note that streaming links are gotten from unknown sources, so the website provides numerous links per stream which means that getting the right link will take a few clicks.



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If you don’t mind the site’s lack of fancy looks, SportRAR will make a very great sports-free streaming platform for you. On the home page, the site displays all the match schedules indicating whether it’s live, finished, proposed, or upcoming. SportRAR is designed to deliver 24/7 sports live streaming for every sports-minded person.

A calendar icon is provided on the top right corner for users to know the schedule for the next match and possibly set reminders on a specific date. This feature alone gives SportRAR a bit of an edge over the rest of the best sports-free streaming platforms on our list.

The site may not look all that fancy like we said earlier, but it’s clean and simple so you won’t experience any issues getting access to the streaming link for your favourite match. Also, ads and pop-ups may not disturb you that much and the site is free and easy to access.

Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms
Loala 1

Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms: Loala 1

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Loala 1 provides a global version of its sports streaming websites despite being based in Australia. This is another popular sports free streaming platform that is widely used by football enthusiasts all around the world. The site is not region-locked so it’s pretty nice to use if your country doesn’t have broadcasting rights for your favorite sports.

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Fortunately, the site already offered its own promotional banner on the home page, so there won’t be ads popping up anytime you want to click on a link. The site is easier to navigate compared to other sports free streaming sites we’ve listed here.

Their partner platforms page contains lots of sports broadcasts with various sports ranging from football, tennis, handball, etc.

Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms


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SonyLIV provides a convenient way of streaming live sports by excluding ads and promotional banners. Though the site will prompt you to create an account before accessing streaming links, doing it won’t take much of your time and you’ll be able to stream matches in high-quality videos.

The site is designed with HD graphics which makes the interface look attractive and easy to navigate. This is one of the things SonyLIV brings that you won’t find in other free sports streaming sites. Another one is that SonyLIV doesn’t just allow you to stream live sports, but also movies and tv shows.

The site is free to use once you’ve created your account which can be done within seconds. SonyLIV is a perfect free sports streaming platform if you want to watch live sports in high-quality video.


Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms: 123TV

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123TV offers a variety of sports channels and the top streams are ESPN, FOX News, ABC, HBO, etc. Asides from sports, the site provides several other entertainment categories like movies, games, and family which are all included on the website’s homepage.

The site does include ads and pop-ups, but not in a way that affects your user experience. So streaming your favorite sports on 123TV can be done without the hassle of creating an account. You can also view the ongoing and upcoming sports schedules so you won’t miss watching your favourite team or athletes perform.

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123TV is an all-in-one platform that offers live streaming of both sports and entertainment. The site also includes channels for kids like Nickelodeon, Disney Junior, Disney XD, and more.



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Livescore has grown to be the most used free sports streaming platform because of its enhanced way of keeping users updated with the live scores of many sports. Initially, the site offers only live scores but has developed to deliver streaming services as well which is much more easily accessible using the app.

What makes Livescore superior among several sports free streaming platforms is its intuitive website design which every user can easily navigate. It offers a clean user interface that is free from ads, pop-ups, and promotional banners.

Every sports fan can stream all types of sports using Livescore. Football, basketball, hockey, and tennis are one of the popular categories on the site, but you’ll find anyone you’re looking for once you navigate through all the categories.


Best Free Sports Streaming Platforms: Bosscast

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Bosscast is a well-known live-streaming platform for all kinds of sports across the globe. The homepage contains several sports icons which will direct you to the list of ongoing matches once you click on them. This is a place you can find all types of sports and allows you to interact with your fellow sports enthusiasts through live chat.

Unfortunately, you can only watch live matches, meaning that you cannot watch the playbacks or view the game schedule for previous or next matches. Asides from that, Bosscast is a very good sports free streaming platform if your concern is to stream ongoing matches.

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