Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Features, Performance, and Price

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

– While washing dishes and laundering might not seem stressful to most people, sweeping and mopping floors will always remain a burden, especially to workers who couldn’t make out time for the house chores.

Fortunately, the world of mobile tech has developed massively, to the extent that manufacturers have been designing lots of helpful products for some specific house chores. On the part of sweeping and mopping floors, you might have heard of robot vacuums, but if you’ve not, here’s what they are.

The robot vacuums are specifically designed home devices that can sweep and mop the floors on their own without you interfering. This means that with just a tap on the button, you can assign the robot vacuum cleaner to do the stressful house chores while you perform the easier ones.

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We’ll be reviewing the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum which does a great job of clearing debris and dirt on the floor. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is manufactured using the Mijia label which is one of the company’s sub-brand that focuses on home products.

Amidst all the robot vacuums we’ve reviewed so far, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum sits in the middle-range category. The Mi Robot Vacuum is well-built and can effectively manoeuvre itself.

Fortunately, the battery capacity is huge providing a longer run time than most premium robot vacuums. Though it may cover more ground during its cleaning cycle, the most important thing should be whether it does a neat job after hours of cleaning, let’s find out.

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The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum comes with a Dirt compartment, HEPA filters, Brushroll, Brush guard, a Quick Start guide, and a Manual. There’re some extra tools and accessories in the box such as the Recharging dock, the Power cable, and a Brushroll cleaning tool used to get rid of hairs and dust that may be stuck up in the Brushroll.

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Starting from the top, there’s a small ring housing a laser system sensor which the Mi Robot Vacuum uses to map out your home. The manual will help you understand better about the robot vacuum and the default language is set to English.

A circular shape has been the design language of robot vacuums since it feels more compact or in some way appropriate for manoeuvrability. Here the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum delivers more of what you might expect from a robot vacuum.

It features a bumper ring across the perimeter which enables the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum to bounce off when it runs into obstacles without being affected. The device comes in all-white aesthetics which looks simple and fitting for the task.

The build quality is good but durability isn’t much guaranteed, especially on the part of tools where the side brushes often wear out easily and the dirt compartment can break if mistakenly dropped. Meanwhile, the body is made of plastic with rubber wheels which feel durable anyway.

The tools require regular maintenance and you can seek instructions from the “User Guide” tab in the in-app settings menu. Fortunately, maintenance is easy and doesn’t demand much effort. The tools are easily accessed for cleanup or possibly replaced if they’re already worn out.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Performance

There are just two buttons on the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum which makes setting it up an easy task. The first is the home button which will send the robot vacuum back to its charging base even while on duty. Then the power button is used to switch between different cleaning modes.

You can press it once to enable automatic cleaning, twice for spot cleaning, and then press and hold to shut down entirely. Meanwhile, you might encounter some issues while trying to understand the language the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is speaking.

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This robot vacuum is set to speak Mandarin by default which can only be changed when you download Xiaomi’s app where there’s a language preference setting. Remember to remove objects like cables from the floor to prevent the robot vacuum from getting stuck on the way, especially if you were going to be away while it does the cleaning.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum might struggle to work in dark areas like under the sofa or bed unless they’re relatively high off the ground.

Using the side brushes, the Mi Robot Vacuum can easily locate and sweep trapped dirt and dust from the corners or edges of the wall. The dirt is then pushed to the main brush beneath the robot vacuum to be suctioned into the dirt compartment.

As we mentioned earlier about running into obstacles, there could be less or no issue of collisions after three complete cleaning cycles since the robot vacuum has automatically mapped out the house.

Manoeuvrability is what the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum does best. Being built in a circular form, this vacuum cleaner was able to turn 360°, make sharp turns, and efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas like under tables and couches due to its smaller size. To effectively return to its charging base, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum needs to have enough space of about half a meter of free space on both sides.



After the robot vacuum must have cleared up the whole house, it’s now left for you to clean up the accumulated dirt and debris in the robot vacuum. There will be buildups of hair in the main and side brushes which you can pull out using the cleaning brush. After that, you can rinse them with water alongside other detachable parts, and make sure they dry completely before being reattached to the robot.

Also, some of these parts are meant to last for a certain period of months, so they need regular replacement. The companion app features a “Maintenance” tab where you can see how many hours of cleaning time that’s left for each part before being replaced, depending on how you have used the robot vacuum. Like we said before, maintaining the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is easy and you can comfortably dispatch the parts.

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Mi Home app

With the Mi Home app, you’ll have full control over the robot vacuum’s manoeuvrability on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll have an access to remotely switch on the device, change cleaning modes and set up cleaning times. You can also view the map of your environment, showing the areas where the robot vacuum has taken. You can as well set up zones with limited movement or direct the robot vacuum to a particular part of the room for local cleaning.

Navigation through the app is interesting, though we preferred letting the robot vacuum do the job on its own. But if you feel like being the one to lead the Mi Robot Vacuum’s activities, then the company’s Mi Home app with its directional pad will deliver an accurate degree of manoeuvrability.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
Battery Capacity

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Battery Capacity

Batteries should be the most important part of robot vacuums since it determines how long the robot vacuum cleans, and how long it takes to charge. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum has a massive 5200mAh battery which is one of the largest we’ve seen so far.

This robot vacuum runs up to 2.5hrs while it takes 2 to 3hrs to get charged. For longevity, Xiaomi has assured us that the battery will last up to 2 years before needing any replacement.


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Price

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner will be sold at ₹30,000 in India which is equivalent to $376 in the US. At this price, the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners on the market.

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