Apple Watch 7 Review: Features and Price

Though the Apple Watch 7 has been replaced by the Apple Watch 8, it’s still fussing with the company’s watchOS 8 software, with a bigger screen and slim bezels. This 7th Gen of Apple’s wearables received a huge upgrade from the previous Apple Watch 6, especially on the enlarged screen which is understandably the main drive towards the smartwatch.

This impressive upgrade is backed by 18hrs of battery life, a powerful CPU, and useful health features, making the Watch 7 a device that can double as a smartphone right from your wrist. The Apple Watch 7 brings an elevated level of productivity with a crisp always-on mode, full QWERTY keyboard, and large calculator buttons.

From a faster-charging speed and interesting features to an outstanding level of durability, the Apple Watch 7 is a very nice smartwatch that is worth buying. Interestingly, the smartwatch is eligible for the latest watchOS 9, so users can experience the tailored features of Apple’s watchOS in the long term.

Our review of the Apple Watch 7 covers everything you need to know about the company’s 7th gen of wearables, and how it makes up for a smartwatch that is worth buying if you want to experience an iPhone-like experience on your wrist.


Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch 7 features the iconic curved squircle design which was first introduced by the Apple Watch 4. The corners are nicely curved to meet the display which blends perfectly into the chassis. While these changes are hardly noticeable when you look at the Watch 7 and its predecessor, it brings a softer aesthetics than the previous model.

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Also, you won’t even notice the bigger screen that measures 41mm and 45mm on a mare look, but the colors will help you differentiate between the Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch 6. The design feels very solid and durable with various color options that make the smartwatch look more attractive.

The Apple Watch 7 also comes in stainless steel and titanium steel versions which cost more than the original version. As usual, the smartwatch features a swim-proof of 50 meters, including an IP6X dust resistance which we’re seeing for the first time. The Watch 7 is built strongly, so you won’t have to panic while you wear it to engage in sports activities.



Impressively, the Apple Watch 7 has a larger display that is 20% bigger than the previous Apple Watch 6. The screen bezels were also reduced to 40% which makes the smartwatch feel like a mini iPhone while wearing it on your wrist. The screen is curved in a way that offers a comfortable viewing experience.

The pour-over effect feels great though, but not like what we saw in the advertisement. Another cool upgrade on the Watch 7 is the 70% brighter screen which is more visible while you’re outside of your home. This is a relevant upgrade from the Apple Watch 6 and other previous Apple Watch series.

Apple Watch 7: Software

Apple’s wachOS has been the same on all of its smartwatches, so the Apple Watch 7 doesn’t bring anything new except for the bigger screen. Meanwhile, the watchOS 8 software does introduce exclusive tricks on the Watch 7 which is being added to the already-established features like “Find my App for Apple Watch”, weather notifications, calendar alerts, cycle, and sleep tracking.

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The user interface hasn’t changed much, though it has a few tweaks. You can now view nearby locations thoroughly with the larger Apple Maps UI, while some apps like HomeKit feature a redesigned logo. The QWERTY keyboard feels very comfortable to type on due to the buttons that are carefully spaced, so you won’t make mistakes while typing.

The dedicated Contour face on the display of the Apple Watch 7 brings more of a stylish look than comfort. However, the Modular Duo watch face has been the favorite of most users since it came into the picture. Also, the portrait and World Clock faces add more flare to the display of the Watch 7 which was all inspired by Apple’s wachOS software.

Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7: Features

Since people are getting more and more concerned with their health, some smartwatch producers especially Samsung are constantly adding new wellness features like body composition analysis. On the other hand, Apple’s Watch 7 doesn’t introduce anything new to its wellness features which might give rivalries the lead in the competition.

Despite that, the Apple Watch is still one of the best smartwatches because of its reliable fitness features that can count your steps, and monitor your heart rate and workouts. The automatic outdoor cycling tracking is incredible, enabling the workout feature once you’ve hopped on your bike.

The fitness tracking features of the Watch 7 are absolutely brilliant, though some activity tools and the ability to compare metrics aren’t well improved when compared with the best fitness tracking smartwatches. Nevertheless, you can easily view your exercise metrics with the large screen, and monitoring your heart rate can be done easily on the Watch 7.

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The battery life of the Apple Watch 7 is capped at 18hrs, including all calls and text messages, regular activity tracking, and always-on display mode. This means that the smartwatch can last up to two days if you minimize your usage which proves an extended battery life for the Apple Watch 7.

The new magnetic USB Type-C charger that comes with the smartwatch is claimed to charge it 33% faster than the Apple Watch 6. Therefore you won’t have to worry whether there’s enough battery power if you’re planning to return home very late while going out.


Apple Watch 7: Price

The price of the Apple Watch 7 differs from the model type where the 41mm model is selling at ₦304,000 ($399) while the bigger 45mm model is selling at ₦327,000 ($429). The models with cellular support are selling at ₦380,000 ($499) for the 41mm size and ₦403,000 ($529) for the 45mm size.

Also, the stainless and titanium cases model are priced at ₦533,000 ($699) and ₦609,600 ($799) respectively.

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