Best Apple Watch apps 2023

The best Apple Watch apps are those software that’ll help you get the most out of your high-end Apple smartwatch. Apple Watch apps are the best you’ll find as new ones keep launching, with old ones being updated and improved. This is another evidence of how rich Apple’s app store is, providing fans with intriguing and evergreen content.

The arrival of the Apple Watch app store on watchOS 6 helped to improve the quality of Apple Watch apps, making them the healthiest app ecosystem for a wearable. With this, there are numerous apps to choose from notwithstanding whether you’re using Apple Watch 7 or rocking an older Apple Watch.

In this article, you’ll find the best Apple Watch apps for fitness, productivity-boosting programs, podcasting, sorting stuff out, procrastinating, and many more. Fortunately, we’ve made the choice easier for those who are new to Apple watchOS or looking for apps that’ll always keep them busy and entertained. Meanwhile, many of them are free to use so you don’t have to worry about subscription fees.

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Best Apple Watch apps 2023: NapBot

Best Apple Watch apps
  • Category: Health – Sleep tracker
  • Price: Free or $1 monthly /$10 annually


Despite the new Apple watchOS having sleep tracking mode, there’s still room for improvement and that’s where NapBot comes in. NapBot is among the few third-party apps that offer more sleep tracking features than Apple provides.

Among the many interesting features of NapBot includes sleep apnea detection – a sleep disorder that knows when your breathing pauses or becomes very shallow more frequently than other people. NapBot detects this through the respiratory rate measurement integrated into your watch which activates automatically whenever the sleep focus mode is on.

Also, it provides the analytics of your sleep stats and checks for any external factors contributing to poor sleep. Whilst NapBot has a core free version, you can unlock the premium version with $1 a month or $10 annual charge. This Pro mode will give you access to Sleep History and Sleep Trends which brings more detailed stats about your sleep habits and the effects of any lifestyle changes.

Download NapBot Apple Watch app for free

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  • Category: Health – Hydration tracker
  • Price: Free or $1 monthly /$10 annually


One good aspect of the Apple Watch over other wearables is its ability to detect and track little things that you probably wouldn’t reach for your phone to record. Why it’s difficult to track every single glass or bottle of water you take, you can easily tap on your Apple Watch while you sip, thanks to Waterful.

Waterful is one of the best Apple Watch apps for water tracking not because it’s the only hydration tracker on the app store, but because of its friendly interface that shows you your water intake level and whether it’s below or above your daily hydration target.

Fortunately, Waterful easily integrates with Siri shortcuts and the Health app which makes it less difficult to access and set up. While the app is free to download and use, you can pay a $1 per month or $9 annual subscription fee if you want to access other premium features.

Download Waterful Watch app for free 

Water Reminder

Best Apple Watch apps: Water Reminder

  • Category: Health – Hydration tracker
  • Price: Free


Water Reminder is a hydration tracker that everyone should be using. Staying hydrated is hard especially when you’re facing a busy schedule which is why you need this app that’ll notify you of when to drink water.

To help track your liquid intake, you’re required to log the amount of water or beverage you take throughout the day on your wrist. Plus while signing up, you’ll be prompted to manually configure your settings which involves inputting your age, height, and weight information. This will help Water Reminder decide the amount of water you need and also notify you on when to take them.

Fortunately, Water Reminder is free to download, so you don’t have to worry about payment.

Download Water Reminder Apple Watch app for free 



  • Category: Health – Workout tracker
  • Price: $4 One-time fee


WatchTo5K is an amazing app that allows you to track your progress, share your run with colleagues and friends, plus earn achievements. Unlike other Apple Watch apps, WatchTo5K is designed to create a training plan even for beginners who want to get fit.

Fortunately, WatchTo5K provides workout stats including distance travelled, average pace, heart rate, and calories burnt which are stored in the Apple’s Health app. The app also integrates with Apple’s Fitness app to keep a record of your runs so that you can review them later. Instead of a monthly subscription, WatchTo5K requires you to pay just a one-time fee of $4.

Download WatchTo5K Apple Watch app for free

Best Apple Watch apps

Best Apple Watch apps: MapMyRun

  • Category: Workout tracker
  • Price:


Apart from being one of the best workout tracking apps on iPhone, MapMyRun has also made it to the list of best Apple Watch apps, too. This is not rocket science, but because of its ability to use a built-in GPS to track your workout activities including treadmill running, bike rides, and walks.

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MapMyRun has an interface where it shows your heart rate, pace, distance covered, and duration throughout each workout activity. Plus you can connect the app to Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app for a well-rounded look at your health and activity. Also, MapMyRun can be paired with Under Armour’s lineup of Bluetooth-equipped shoes to track and know when you land on the ball of your foot or your heel as you pound the pavement.

We highly recommend this app as it helps you watch your weight and easily achieve your fitness goals. Fortunately, MapMyRun is free to download, so I don’t think there’s anything else stopping you from downloading this app.

Download MapMyRun Apple Watch app for free



  • Category: Navigation app
  • Price: Free


ViewRanger is among the best Apple Watch apps for outdoor workouts. Since you didn’t go for one of the best Huawei smartwatches or top Samsung Galaxy watches, ViewRanger is software meant to improve how well your wearable knows your surroundings.

Fortunately, ViewRanger is an easy way to send outdoor routes and other related maps from your iPhone to your Apple watch. It shows you directions, route facts, and photographs of every landmark while travelling, hiking, or biking. Fortunately, it’s free to download, so you don’t have to pay to enjoy the amazing features of this application.

Download ViewRanger Apple Watch app for free 


Best Apple Watch apps: GoPoop

  • Category: Physical Health
  • Price: Free or $9.99 per year


Physical health isn’t just about your physical body, but how well the inner part of your body functions. Although it might sound awkward, logging your bowel movements can help you see whether you’re on the right track with your activity, diet and more.

Using the data gathered by your inputs, GoPoop keeps a record of the last time you defecate as well as offers advice on how best to improve your physical body health. Also, the app adheres to the Bristol Stool Scale, a widely-followed research tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments for gut and bowel conditions, too.

Download GoPoop Apple Watch app for free

Best Apple Watch apps
Apple Music

Apple Music

  • Category: Entertainment – Music
  • Price: $9.99 per month


This is one of the best Apple Watch apps for music, not because it’s from Apple, but because of the amazing features and benefits it offers to its users. Apple Music although it doesn’t have a free version, but it allows you to stream all your favourite artist tunes on your Apple watch once you pay the monthly subscription fee.

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With Apple Music, you don’t need to have your phone nearby as you can listen to songs with just an LTE watch and a separate data plan. Fortunately, you can download playlists for offline listening without the need for an LTE plan. Also, you can pair your Bluetooth earbuds to the watch and stream your favourite music while you’re working out, travelling, or doing some house chores.

Download Apple Music for free

Apple Watch apps

Best Apple Watch apps: Spotify

  • Category: Entertainment – Music
  • Price: Free


Spotify is one of the best apps for streaming music, and fortunately, it’s also available on the Apple watch. Interestingly, it’s totally free as you don’t have to subscribe before streaming music. Meanwhile, if you’re a premium subscriber on your iPhone, you can easily log in to your account with your Apple watch so you won’t pay twice.

Just like Apple Music, you can control Spotify playlists from your watch and listen to them through Bluetooth headsets. Spotify is indeed a great app for streaming music both online and offline on your Apple Watch, plus you have the advantage of playing through the best smart speakers on your WiFi network, too.

Download Spotify Apple Watch app for free



  • Category: Sports – Tennis Tracker
  • Price: Free trial period or $149.99 USD per year /$12.49 USD per month


This software is specifically built for tennis lovers as it helps to analyse your swings as well as record your stats. Unlike other apps, SwingVision can also sync scores with other Apple Watch users on the court. Fortunately, it can be integrated with Siri for practice guidelines and it equally shows you how hard you’re hitting the tennis ball.

While the phone app takes care of stats, scores, videos, and actionable advice for each kick, the Apple watch component concentrates on the recording and feedback. Apart from being a great app for solo players, parents, coaches, teammates, etc can also use it to track each other’s performance too.

Subscribe to SwingVision Pro to unlock shot tracking, video analysis & unlimited cloud storage for life.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Subscription payments will be made via your iTunes account and will auto-renew within 24 hours of expiration, one month from purchase date for monthly (or one year from purchase date for yearly).

Remember to Turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before expiration in your iTunes Store settings to let your subscription lapse.

Download SwingVision Apple Watch app

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