Best Sales Tracking Software Tools 2023

Sales tracking software tools have become so relevant when it comes to taking a close observation of your sales as a business owner. If you happen to fall in this category, then you should know that your sales performance is the key to the growth of your business. If you don’t pay as much needed attention to this, you might lose all the capital you’ve invested in your business.

We’re sure you wouldn’t wish that to happen to you, and we don’t either. That’s why we’ve brought up the idea of best sales tracking software tools. To have a clear knowledge of how effective your sales have been shaping up your business and how you could improve them, tracking your sales performance would help you know which of your strategies seems effective enough.

Sales tracking software tools are programs that’ll help you as a business owner or sales admin to get accurate records of your sales activities. You’ll get to understand the need for this software tool when you start making improvements in your business or job as an individual sales rep.

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You’ve probably employed a team of sales reps in your company and need to monitor their sales performance. You can use a sales tracking software tools to track the interaction between customers and your sales rep while staying at your own office or home. This involves messages, phone calls, and emails.

That’s what sales tracking software tools were all about. To record every interaction involved in your sales activities and give you insights on areas that need to be improved. Now that you’ve seen the need for sales tracking software tools, why not install one on your computer and watch your business grow gradually?

The best sales tracking software tools are what we’ll share with you today. There’re lots of these software tools, but few can give you accurate results. That’s why you need to choose from the best, and our article would be a nice place to check out. If you’re a newbie into the business line, getting one of the best sales tracking software tools would be a great way to start.

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Best Sales Tracking Softwares: Pipedrive


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Pipedrive is undoubtedly a great software tool that has been designed for this purpose. It will offer you the ability to access all forms of communication between customers and sales reps. This sales tracking software tool grants users access to pipeline automation, lead management, and accurate, and understandable tracking features.

Using Pipedrive, you can get notifications of any potential deal that has been idle for a very long time. This feature is called “Deal Rotting”. When you’re notified, you can possibly consider other sales approaches and secure deals before the deadline.

Also, Pipedrine offers an Al-powered mentor which gives you tips on how to go about deals to improve your sales performance. Furthermore, Pipedrive has some very outstanding features that earned it a spot on our best sales tracking software tools.


Best Sales Tracking Softwares: Cooper

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Amongst CRM tools, Cooper is a popular software tool that has a lot of useful features. When it comes to sales tracking, Cooper is also one of the best because of its modernized tracking features. Cooper really got the best remarks on analyzing important metrics like the monthly revenue generated from sales. Sales reps will have several locations where they can access their emails, contacts, deals, and documents easily.

The automation capabilities of Cooper are what made it to be among our best sales tracking software tools. Possibly, you can automate the entire sale processes which enhances productivity. Using the iOS and Android app versions of this software tool, sales reps can have access to their sales data.

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Cooper also offers contact management, a visual pipeline, an analytics dashboard, and many more features.



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Another CRM tool like Cooper, FreshSales is a sales tracking software tool that may not be fully featured as Cooper but has a few interesting features which you can use without paying a dime. One of them is the 360-degree view of leads on a single screen. This feature provides a convenient and solid means of tracking your sales data.

You can easily find what you’re looking for in FreshSales without needing to scroll around the screen to search for them. In addition, this software also has other features like sales task management and lead scoring. Fortunately, you’ll have an access to more advanced features when you upgrade to a paid plan.



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Bitrix24 provides some interesting sales tracking and project management tools for users. This sales tracking software tool isn’t preferred by most companies because of its extensive offerings. On the other hand, some do prefer this app because there’s a lot to do with it. This app serves all sorts of collaboration and communication tools. Above all, the sale tracking feature is top-notch.

Using Bitrix24, you can manage visual pipelines, automate sale activities, and analyze different sales metrics like total revenue and sales rep activity. Bitrix24 has lots to prove as one of the best sales tracking software tools, and it can be used for free.

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Best Sales Tracking Softwares

Best Sales Tracking Software Tools: EngageBay

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EngageBay comes in handy for small business owners with lots of cool features and sleek UI so that you’ll receive sales strategies accurately. EngageBay comes with an in-built SMS broadcast, email autoresponders, telephony, auto dialling, business proposal analytics, call scrips, and an automated email sequence.

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Using EngageBay, you can automate your sales funnel, score your leads, manage revenue updates, schedule and track specific sale tasks, and many more. You can also connect this app with your calendar app and schedule appointments.

There’s indeed a whole lot to do with EngageBay. So if you’re a small business owner looking for a good sales tracking software tool, EngageBay is the ideal tool for you.

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Best Sales Tracking Softwares

Best Sales Tracking Software Tools: Setsail

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Setsail doesn’t just track sales data, it also records customers’ interactions with sales reps. This is one of the most reliable sales tracking software tools in the market. This tool is also powered by Al and behavioural science to give you insights on areas that need to be improved and how you can go about it.

Using Setsail, you can monitor closely the performance of your sales rep, understand customer behaviours, and improve win rates. Setsail has one of the best accurate tracking mechanisms among all the tracking software tools we’ve listed here.

Best Sales Tracking Software Tools

Best Sales Tracking Software Tools: Salesforce

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Created in 1999, Salesforce is one of the oldest sales tracking software tools. The updates and improvements that have been going on for the past two decades have made Salesforce one of the best sales tracking software tools. This tool is currently used by over 150,000 companies worldwide, and it’s a well-known CRM tool like Cooper.

Sales tracking is what Salesforce does best, providing a set of toolkits and features that’ll impact the performance of sales reps positively. This sales tracking software tool has an easy-to-use interface, so you’ll get used to the app within a short time.

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