Best Android apps for Facetime 2023

Are you looking for alternative Android apps for FaceTime? Then you’ve nothing to worry about even though Apple’s popular video chatting app is only for iOS devices.

Social interaction between individuals is becoming more fun with the advancement of mobile technologies and social media that comes after it. During the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing was used to curb the spread of the virus, video calls using Facetime apps appeared to be the best way for people to stay in touch with their families and friends.

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The best app for Facetime is owned by Apple, but this wonderful app is only limited to the company’s customers. Therefore, the app only runs on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other iOS devices, so it’s not yet available for other operating systems.

Nevertheless, there’re still some alternative apps for Facetime or Facetime apps for Android. As a result of this, many Android users have been loading their phones with multiple apps that claim to be an alternative or a copy of Apple’s Facetime but end up being a waste of storage space.

There’re just a few apps on Google Play Store that can live up to Apple’s Facetime standards. If you intend to use Apple’s Facetime to make video calls but don’t have an iPhone, you won’t regret using our recommended Android apps for Facetime 2022.

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Best Android apps for Facetime: Google Duo

Android apps for Facetime
Google Duo

Google Duo is an easy-to-use video chat app that is free to download on Apple Store and Google Play Store. With a little knowledge of how to operate the app, you can easily make video calls with Google Duo. Once you open the app, it will automatically set up everything like synchronizing with your phone number and listing all your contacts that make use of the app.

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Google Duo allows you to engage in group video chats, allowing up to 8 people in a single call. Google has built this app for everyone, meaning that it runs on other operating systems including iOS. The app defaults to Android 10 OS, so there’s a possibility to upgrade the app to the latest Android version.

Google Duo has some interesting features that will make you enjoy video calls with it. Using the app, you’ll be able to see the image of the caller before picking up the call, and the video quality is also excellent.

Download Google Duo app for free

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Popularly known across the globe, Facebook Messenger is a chatting app that can be used even if you don’t have a Facebook account. The app is being updated almost every week to add new features and fix bugs. Multiple users can join in a group video chat with Facebook Messenger, and it works without any form of lag.

Facebook Messenger is one of our best Android apps for Facetime because it can be used for video calls and to exchange text messages. This app is one of the top-rated messaging apps, and yet millions of people use it for video calls.

This chatting app is available for both Android and iOS users on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Also, the Lite version has been released recently and you can exchange text and make video calls with it.

Download Facebook Messenger app for free

Best Android apps for Facetime

Best Android apps for Facetime: Skype

Skype was once regarded as the best Facetime app when it was released in 2003 by Microsoft. Despite being old, Skype is still a text, voice messaging, and video calling app that is still in use till now. This great app works on a wide range of devices such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Xbox One, web, HoloLens, etc.

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Skype is a perfect Facetime app for business owners because you can make international calls with it. All you need to do is to buy a separate phone number with Skype, and you’ll be able to communicate with your business partners all over the world.

Download Skype app for free



Alongside Messenger, Whatsapp is also owned by Facebook with over 1.6 billion users as we speak. WhatsApp is more convenient and pleasing to use than any other Messaging app because chats are highly encrypted with the interface being sleek.

There’s no doubt WhatsApp is among the most secured messaging apps around the globe. Just recently, the Meta company announced that a new WhatsApp update will allow the users to leave the group chat without being noticed.

You can easily share files, exchange text messages and voice notes without being distracted by ads or pop-ups. Also, you can create group chats by inviting all your friends to form a group and exchange text messages with stickers.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is one of the best Android apps for Facetime, and it allows up to four users from many parts of the world to engage in video calls. The app has developed massively to become one of our best Android apps for Facetime.

Download WhatsApp for free

Best Android apps for Facetime


Zoom was brought to the limelight as a perfect Facetime app when the COVID-19 pandemic began. This app played a vital role in promoting education and business, even when people were forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With Zoom, a hundred participants can join in a single video chat which makes it easier for a teacher to communicate with the students on live video calls while at home.

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The app comes with screen sharing, end-to-end encryption, and many other features. Zoom was purposely created for video calls, so you can’t send texts or voice notes privately. That makes it a reliable alternative Android app for Facetime.

Download Zoom app for free



From being a voice calling app to a messaging app, Viber is now used for video calls. Viber has gained over 600 million users worldwide and still counting which is an incredible journey. Viber is among the best Android apps for Facetime which also supports other operating systems.

You can start a free video call with your friends and families, or even a group video call using stickers and emojis, but you have to make an in-app purchase for them, though it’s optional. Viber also comes with Android wear support and a social media feature.

This means that you can get updated with the latest trends and news that are happening all over the world. Viber is such a great app to use as an alternative to Facetime on your Android phone.

Download Viber app for free

Best Android apps for Facetime

Best Android apps for Facetime: Snapchat

One of the trending social media apps known as Snapchat uses photo chatting instead of normal text chatting, but you can send text messages and voice notes using Snapchat. Also, you can engage in video calls with more than sixteen users on the app.

If you’re searching for one of the best Android apps for Facetime, Snapchat is free to download on Google Play Store, and it supports text, voice, and video chats.

Download Snapchat for free 

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