Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps for Android

MP3 music Player downloader apps are now everywhere. Even some popular video streaming apps like YouTube now have a music version called YouTube Music. This is probably because users are now tired of wasting their internet data to stream music online. Therefore, they have to look for other sources, and MP3 music player downloader apps have proven to be reliable.

Just like the saying that music is the food of the soul, a lot of people listen to music because it puts them in a good mood. Even after a hectic day at work, you can just play your favorite music to relieve stress and ease tension. Music does a lot of good to the body and soul in particular, so an easier means of downloading music is what everyone would definitely appreciate.

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MP3 music player downloader apps are designed as a convenient way to download music and listen to them without an internet network connection. Using these apps, you can download absolutely any music including old and new ones. This means that you can easily search and download your favorite music on these apps and listen to them at any time.

What makes these apps so special is that they are designed with lots of features and tools that will enable you to customize the quality of music to your listening pleasure. Fortunately, these apps support all platforms including Android, iPhone, etc. All you need to do is to install the app on your device and enjoy limitless downloads of music.

Since there’re many MP3 music player downloader apps, it’ll be confusing to find the best one. Therefore, we’ve gathered the list of the best MP3 music player downloader apps for your Android device. Asides from downloading music, these apps have a lot of tools that could entice your listening experience.

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Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps for Android: Audiomack

Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps for Android

Download Audiomack Music player

Those who have so much passion for music will love this app. Audiomack will introduce you to the latest and trending music from a wide range of music categories like Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, EDM, Afropop, Reggae and many more. You can stream and download your favorite music and listen to your local MP3s from the app.

From the app’s “Trending” section, you’ll get constant updates on the best albums and songs that are trending at the moment. You can download those songs and play them offline at any time. Also, Audiomack provides limitless access to stream and download the hottest music tracks.


Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps for Android: 4Shared

Download 4Shared Music player app

4Shared is one of the renowned MP3 music player downloader apps for Android devices. 4Shared grant users the ability to stream online music, download, and play music tracks. Using the search option in the app, you can search for your favorite music by typing the name of the artist or the track’s name. Also, the app is free to use without any attached paid plan to access the premium features.

Using 4Shared, you can send and receive files from other users. Aside from downloading music from 4Shared, you can also download photos, videos, and E-books in the form of PDFs. Interestingly, you can create your personal playlist and add your favorite songs.

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The only difficulty the users may face while using 4Sgared is the presence of advertisements in the app. If you’re the type that gets annoyed with these ads, you can go for Audiomack because you won’t experience such.

Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps

Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps for Android: MP3juice

Download MP3juice Music Player app

MP3Juice is a great app for Android users which can be used freely. Even without logging in, you can use this app to download your favorite music and play songs from your local playlist. Using the provided search box, you can search songs, artists, and albums on Mp3Juice. Amazingly, the app has a user-friendly interface, and music is free to download.

You can also download songs in your prefered sound quality like 320kbps, 160kbps, and 96kbps. And once downloaded, they are saved in your local storage. Being able to do all of these on Mp3Juice without logging in shows that this MP3 player downloader app is built for everyone.

Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps
Google Play Music

Google Play Music

This is because of the large amount of attention Google has paid while developing the app. And we’re sure that there will be steady updates to fix bugs and add new features. Unfortunately, music isn’t free to download, but you’ll have a chance to preview music for free before purchasing them.

The next on the list of our best MP3 player downloader apps for Android is the well-known Google Play Music. Being designed by one of the best software developers in the world, Google Play Music has the most intuitive interface among all the apps we’ve listed here.



Download Deezer Music Player app

Deezer is a kind of MP3 player downloader app everyone would love to use. The app has a song catcher feature that is similar to that of Shazam. This means that it can recognize the song you’re playing. Deezer is also used alongside compatible devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, etc.

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A premium subscription will grant you access to download unlimited songs. However, while, using the free version, you’re bound to streaming music only, with no option to download. Also, Deezer provides the Lyrics to the songs that are being played on the app.

YouTube Music

Download YouTube Music player app

Despite being a music app, YouTube music also provides video clips of every music. This means that you can watch the music videos of your favorite artist and watch their live performance videos. While you do all of these freely, a YouTube Premium subscription will introduce you to more advanced features.

Meanwhile, you can’t download music while on the free plan, but ads will show up constantly. However, you can listen to any music online by browsing them via the search box. YouTube Music is a widespread music player application, and there are lots to enjoy with the app.

Best MP3 Music Player Downloader apps


Download SONGily Music Player app

SONGily is another MP3 music player downloader app that is good to use. The app is not as extensive as other apps like YouTube Music. However, you won’t have to worry about your phone’s memory because the size of the app is light. The in-app folder will enable you to quickly access the songs you’ve downloaded.

The most interesting part of SONGily is that it can convert video format to MP3. Fortunately, the app is free to use, plus you can download as many songs as you like without making any in-app purchases or being bothered by exceeding the download limit.

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